The Spoons Story

The Spoons Consultancy is a Black women-run and staffed* creative consulting firm that specializes in business development strategy, and high-impact brand launches, social campaigns and turnkey activations. We build teams that will meet the full range of your creative project needs, and can support you from project ideation through implementation. Importantly, as Black women, we offer a fresh, intersectional perspective that will keep your brand’s name relevant for all the right reasons.

Our consultants specialize in strategic digital marketing and communications; graphic design; web design; photography; videography; copywriting and editing; speechwriting; research and data analysis; and more. They work together to bring your business goals and product ideas to life. Rather than having to interface with multiple service providers and firms, you can trust the Spoons Consultancy to handle it all.

For our consultants, we provide full service human resources support, including contract negotiations and enforcement, client management, and payment. The Consultancy is also a networking platform our consultants utilize to collaborate, share ideas and access professional development resources.

The Consultancy is led by Spoons co-founders Jasmine Burnett and Paige Woods. We look forward to helping you take your project, brand or organization to the next level.

*While our initial efforts were targeted at Black women and femmes, we are actively seeking to be intentionally inclusive of Black gender non-conforming people in both the composition of our consulting teams and our larger community work.

Meet our team.

Meet the Founders

As co-founders, Jasmine and Paige started Life of a Single Spoon, LLC to build community among Black women, and create a digital platform where they could share their experiences, ask questions, and exchange advice. Overtime, Spoons’ network members expressed difficulties finding job opportunities aligned with their skills and interests. Many were also in difficult work environments, often feeling disrespected and undervalued. Relating to these experiences and wanting to address these concerns, they developed the Spoons Consultancy. The Consultancy is a resource for Black women and non-binary people to connect to contract work in their respective industries. Importantly, The Consultancy manages the human resources and client engagement process to ensure our consultants are paid on time, respected and connected to professional development opportunities. They do this work to support Black folks economically and give them access to a self-directed work experience that allows them to maintain their integrity and dignity.

Jasmine and Paige have worked for many years as consultants after graduating from Harvard College in 2016. Together, they hold a decade-worth of experience in project management, data and research analysis, and organizational management.

For two years, Jasmine was an associate consultant at The Bridgespan Group, where she worked on numerous strategic planning social sector non-profit and foundation projects. After completing a dual-degree master’s program in City and Regional Planning and Public Policy at The Georgia Institute of Technology, Jasmine began her career in community and economic development, leveraging her policy and data analysis skillsets and technical training to inform CED programming and stakeholder engagement strategies through a racial equity lens.

Similarly, Paige started her career as an independent community consultant in Detroit after graduating with her masters in Comparative Social Policy from the University of Oxford. Since then, she has worked in both the nonprofit and private sector on issues related to racial justice and equity. As a trained ethnographer, Paige values the story and experiences of people while her policy background keeps her focused on innovative policy interventions that increase equity for communities of color.

In addition to their technical skills and training, Jasmine and Paige work to co-develop platforms for Black creatives. They have been building the Spoons’ community for the past three years and each bring their unique talents to this space – ranging from creative project direction and event planning to copywriting and people-centered storytelling. Together, they both move between the worlds of policy, strategic planning and creative production to support clients from ideation through implementation.