Our Story

The Spoons Consultancy is a Black women-run and staffed creative consulting cooperative that specializes in design thinking, brand and narrative building, and high-impact activations. We are design architects who believe that intentionality, intuition, balance and an abundance mindset are the foundational elements of producing innovative and successful creative work. We support clients from project ideation through implementation, offering thought partnership, project management and impact design planning.

We build creative teams that are composed of consultants who specialize in strategic digital marketing and communications; graphic design; web design; photography; videography; copywriting and editing; narrative and storytelling; and more. We work together to bring your brand and campaign goals and product ideas to life. Rather than having to interface with multiple service providers and firms, you can trust the Spoons Consultancy Cooperative to handle it all.

Who We Are

Andra Woods

Autumne Franklin

LeJoi Lane

Jasmine Burnett

Nia Hockaday

Paige Woods

Our Values

Our People

Foremost, as Black women, we believe that centering Black femmes and non-binary folks in all work elevates both the design process and resulting output. Our intersectional perspectives enhance our commitment to inclusion, justice and pleasure. 


Our Ethics

Cooperative economics is central to the Spoons model. We are a flourishing co-op with six shared owners and a focus on creating communal spaces for our network of Black femme and nonbinary consultants and the larger Spoons’ community. It is important that we model effective alternatives to capitalism and embody a system that compensates everyone for their labor and investments–not just the CEO. 

For consultants who are not agency co-owners, we provide full service human resources support, including contract negotiations and enforcement, relationship management, and payment services. The Consultancy is also a networking platform for consultants to source contracts, collaborate, share resources and access professional development. Our goal is offer Black femme and gender non-binary consultants the power and freedom to design their own professional experiences.


Our Approach

We believe in working differently. Our intention is to create a work environment that understands that professional work is only one aspect of our identity and that humans deserve and require balance and rest. We are not your LLC hustlers or sleep-when-we die entrepreneurs. We know that the best work is achieved with an energized mind, which is only possible if we respect and honor time boundaries.