Bold Ventures

Led by Jessyca Dudley, who has more than two decades of experience working to transform and democratize philanthropy, Bold Ventures is a strategic advisory firm disrupting traditional philanthropy. Our team:

  • Provided thought-partnership and strategic advising to generate business infrastructure for Bold Ventures.

  • Developed business name, narrative, and communications messaging.

  • Created brand identity guide and supplemental elements, including colors, font, logo and iconography.

  • Developed and designed business website.

  • Created and executed business launch and rollout, including digital marketing and social media management.

“I had a wonderful experience working with Spoons, throughout the process of developing and launching my brand I felt deeply supported in taking this new leap.”

— Jessica Dudley, Founder

Bold Ventures: Team

Anastacia Kasmer

Naomi Day

Nia Hockaday

Tiffanie Pettet

Jasmine Burnett

Paige Woods

Your Vote is Essential

Graphic Design, Digital Strategy Support

#YourVoteIsEssential was a GOTV campaign for the final week before the General Election. Our team worked to create graphics and edit influencer supported videos under the direction of the client. We were also asked to provide digital strategy support to target specific audiences.

Your Vote is Essential: Team

Nia Hockaday

Andra Woods

Tiffanie Petett

Black Policy Lab

Social Media Management, Video and Graphic Design

A policy, data and vision space, Black Policy Lab has offered quality conference-style workshops for rising community leaders to exchange ideas, develop strategies, and master effective legislative advocacy in pursuit of a viable society for Black people and those on the margins. With guests including elected officials, movement leaders, to faces we see in the news, Black Policy Lab has convened and trained over 400 problem solvers in policy crafting, communications strategy and the power of data in advocacy.

Members from the Spoons Consultancy have supported with the Black Policy Lab for the last two years by:

  • Providing in-person and virtual production support the Black Policy Lab, which seeks to create space for community leaders and policy advocates to exchange ideas, develop strategies and master effective legislative advocacy
  • Managing influencer contributors to connect culture to policy
  • Promoting and marketing events on social media
  • Providing video editing and graphic design support for all external collateral

Black Policy Lab: Team

Nia Hockaday

Paige Woods

Andra Woods

Black ATLas

Graphic Design

The consultant conducted an initial interview with the client who specified a need to engage millennial black women in the Atlanta area with a new podcast launching in September 2020. The lifestyle podcast features two funky, fun black women and their tales of navigating the world in the midst of COVID-19, racial unrest, and the general rollercoaster that is our world.

The resulting podcast cover image draws upon afro futurism themes to position the co-hosts as benevolent and fierce goddesses of a color galaxy. The bright colors speak to the effortless joy and undeniable intensity the co-hosts being to their world. The cover art seeks to communicate a “we’re care free” and yet “we mean business” vibe.

Kishshana & Co

Video Editing, Brand Production

Kishshana and Co. is a Black woman led consulting firm focused on organizational management, leadership development and workplace DEI training. They brought together Black women professional fundraisers for their ‘Rooted’ virtual conference. Our team:

  • Edited over 50 long-form videos from the retreat with the appropriate branding
  • Created the retreat recap videos for proliferation throughout social media 
  • Worked with their team to define the creative direction of the project


Hours of Edited Footage


Final Videos Produced

Kishshana: Team

Andra Woods

Pink Cornrows

Launch Support, Brand Production, Website Design

Pink Cornrows is a femme and people of color-led equity firm specializing in public policy, strategic communications, workplace culture through a social impact framework. Our team:

  • Provides ongoing personnel and project management services
  • Offers creative production capacity support for client’s sub-contracted projects
  • Designed and developed a branded website and graphics, including logos, a lookbook, and social media assets

Pink Cornrows: Team

Autumne Franklin

Naomi Day

Atlanta Decoded

Strategy, Content and Graphic Production

Atlanta Decoded is a multi-platform media company that covers Atlanta politics, pop culture, independent artists, and digital entertainers. Our team:

  • Provided strategic branding insights, including developing brand description and tagline, identifying target audience, and drafting engagement strategies
  • Hosted and co-developed segments and weekly content for A-Political, a digital new show focused on Atlanta politics
  • Redesigned and animated the company’s logo and supporting graphics, and created motion graphics for its social media page
  • Edited raw footage to produce weekly videos, and designed show templates

“I’ve worked with Spoons Consulting for both Strategic Planning and Graphic Design projects, and both have been amazing experiences. The firm really takes the time to understand your platform and the message you’re trying to convey to help bring your vision to life. They have always delivered top quality work and are always very easy to communicate with. I will definitely continue to use their services as my business continues to grow.”

— CEO Nile Kendall

Atlanta Decoded: Team

Andra Woods

And Still I Vote

Influencer Activation, Voter Engagement

The ASIV campaign was launched by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. Our team was contracted by Pink Cornrows, a social impact firm, to:

  • Provide digital strategy support for ‘And Still I Vote’, an influencer-supported storytelling campaign amplifying the hidden barriers to voting
  • Produce graphics, videos and creative messaging to generate engagement for the ASIV campaign, and shape the national narrative around voting rights by activating local communities to fight voter discrimination 
  • Support the in-person launch and activation event commemorating Bloody Sunday in Selma, AL.


Growth in Follower Count


Higher Engagement Rate


Positive Sentiment

And Still I Vote: Team

Andra Woods

Autumne Franklin

Nia Hockaday

Tiffanie Petett