Black Policy Lab

Social Media Management, Video and Graphic Design

A policy, data and vision space, Black Policy Lab has offered quality conference-style workshops for rising community leaders to exchange ideas, develop strategies, and master effective legislative advocacy in pursuit of a viable society for Black people and those on the margins. With guests including elected officials, movement leaders, to faces we see in the news, Black Policy Lab has convened and trained over 400 problem solvers in policy crafting, communications strategy and the power of data in advocacy.

Members from the Spoons Consultancy have supported with the Black Policy Lab for the last two years by:

  • Providing in-person and virtual production support the Black Policy Lab, which seeks to create space for community leaders and policy advocates to exchange ideas, develop strategies and master effective legislative advocacy
  • Managing influencer contributors to connect culture to policy
  • Promoting and marketing events on social media
  • Providing video editing and graphic design support for all external collateral

Black Policy Lab: Team

Nia Hockaday

Paige Woods

Andra Woods

Sojourn Strategies

Creative Direction

The consultant designed a report and deck for a presentation to funders. The consultant worked with the client to convert quantitative data, specifically audience segmentation analysis, into digestible visual content.

Sojourn Strategies: Team

Nia Hockaday


Event Planning and Project Management

The Simmons Memorial Foundation is a college access program based in North Carolina that provides support to students considered ‘vulnerable’ in the college admissions process. Our team:

  • Coordinated the annual multi-state college tour
  • Produced monthly seminars related to the college application and financial aid process
  • Supported the Executive Director with tracking students’ progress on applications


Students advised throughout the program annually


Monthly sessions produced

Purpose Built

Data and Performance Measurement Analysis

Purpose Built Communities is a non-profit organization that seeks to replicate the  East Lake model of community redevelopment within other cities and areas throughout the United States. Our consultant:

  • Refined existing data collection and analysis practices 
  • Co-created a strategic plan for future performance measurement processes and presented findings to executive team
  • Sourced and analyzed data across indicators for each Purpose Built  site 
  • Wrote benchmark reports for each network member


Reports Produced


Compiled & Analyzed Data Points



For the leader of a civil rights organization, we supported with copywriting needed for large scale public events. Our team:

  • Worked with the client to establish their particular voice and topic areas of focus
  • Drafted speeches within a short time frame
  • Reviewed, edited and coached the client through delivery of the speech

Speechwriting: Team

Brittaney Carter