Paige Woods

Paige is a strategist and impact producer with a background in social welfare policy and extensive experience in audience building, project development, event planning and facilitation. As a trained ethnographer, Paige values the story and experiences of people while her policy background keeps her focused on innovative interventions that increase equity for marginalized communities. Paige combines this interest in policy, research and strategy with her love for creative production to produce ideas, spaces and strategies that serve Black communities. With a particular focus on projects, programs and policies in the community development, sustainability and social welfare sector, Paige leverages her expertise in these subject areas to accelerate impact for creatives looking to improve their communities, shift narratives and influence local policies. Her work with clients usually takes the form of strategic planning, research, policy analysis, production assistance, impact branding, live activations and creative productions.

Past Projects

Jasmine Burnett

Jasmine is a narrative builder and storyteller who helps clients develop and amplify movement work focused on Black liberation. With extensive expertise in community development and public policy, Jasmine combines her content knowledge with creative direction and storytelling to provide partners with a roadmap to targeted impact. She leverages her experience in the symbiotic worlds of public relations and strategic planning to communicate narratives, design impact-minded projects, and accelerate progress toward equity. Her work often results in social campaigns and activiations, new community-targeted programs, impact design strategy sessions, stakeholder engagement workshops, and intentionally-produced cultural events. 

Jasmine began her career in social sector consulting before transitioning to roles in community development, where she has designed housing and economic development programs in the southeast. Jasmine has a master’s degree in both City and Regional Planning and Public Policy from The Georgia Institute of Technology. She received her B.A. in Government with a secondary in African American Studies from Harvard College.

Past Projects

ChrisTiana ObeySumner

I am ChrisTiana ObeySumner, and my pronouns are them/they. I am a Black/ Indigenous, Queer, Non-Binary, and Multiply disabled person. I am a community organizer and activist, and CEO of Epiphanies of Equity LLC, a social equity consulting firm that particularly specializes in social change, intersectionality, antiracism, and disability justice.

For almost two decades, I’ve dedicated my life and career to amplifying the importance of social equity — particularly narrative identity development and its role in cultural humility and allyship, bringing awareness to the lived experience of racialized ableism and externalizing antiblackness, and dismantling the psychosocial root causes and influences for social injustice and inaction. On my off-time, I love reading, watching pro-wrestling, and spending hours watching YouTube videos of marble runs and recipe videos.

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