Nia Bowser

Nia has worked in the web design space for several years. She created websites for churches and organizations during and after her college career at North Carolina A&T State University. After graduation, Nia gained experience in the IT field through General Electric’s Digital Technology Leadership Program, where she completed four rotations in Project Management and Data Analysis. Currently, Nia is the audio engineer and web content creator for the (un)respectability politics podcast. She is interested in supporting through website design, graphic design, and copywriting. When not working in the tech space, Nia serves the Atlanta community as a Licensed Master Social Worker.

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Brittaney Carter

Brittaney has been a writer and editor for more than 10 years, and has 5 years of experience mobilizing communities for racial and economic justice. Her passion is using communications tools to translate policy and program design in the service of social change. Brittaney uses storytelling to engage audiences in the large and small ways we can fight for justice daily. 

Past Projects

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