Andra Woods

Andra is a senior at Bowdoin College majoring in Africana Studies and minoring in Cinema Studies. She is a skilled and self-taught video editor as well as an experienced filmmaker. Andra has studied at the prestigious FAMU University film production program in Prague, Czech Republic, and worked behind the scenes for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. She is also the founder of The AC-Unit, a training ground and networking platform for creatives of color entering the entertainment industry.

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LeJoi Lane

Lejoi is a storyteller with a heart for people. Since college she has focused her career on combining her passion for the study of people with her love of giving voice to untold stories. She has seven years of experience curating content in various formats, across multiple platforms. She has experience working as a writer, editor, producer, and director. LeJoi enjoys using her analytical skills to create influential marketing campaigns and visual communications. She continues to challenge herself and find new creative outlets though creative design, photography and videography. 

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